July 29, 2012

SharePoint Saturday Success

Well it's a big disappointment that this weekend flew by so quickly, but SharePoint Saturday NYC was an absolute blast. I learned a ton, met some amazing people, and was satisfied with how my first speaking attempt went. The free booze afterwards wasn't bad either. And today, I slept!

My lightning talk went well, considering it was my first taste of speaking. I knew I was going to struggle to cram everything into my allotted ten minutes, and I certainly did. I tried to race through everything at a ridiculous speed and still got cut-off right as I was about to hit "Go!" on my demo. That was a huge disappointment. But I did get a few nice comments afterwards and came away with a very strong impression that there is an appetite for my topic, so I'm absolutely planning to deliver it in an enhanced, non-lightning form in the future.

I said during my session that I'd get all the material posted here this weekend, but I changed my mind. I will of course make it all available, but I wanted to provide a little more depth than just a quick "here's a bunch of stuff to download" post. So over the next couple days I'll make individual posts explaining and then including the downloads for my content related to the master page (commented v4.master) and delegate controls (Visual Studio project). Tonight, I'll just be putting up the few slides I had to show.

The link will open up in Google Docs as an ugly converted presentation, but you can download the beautiful, original .pptx file via the "File" menu.


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