May 3, 2012

Welcome to My Blog!

Thanks for visiting my new blog. This is my first and only professional blog, and I'm hoping it will someday be full of great content which many of you will find useful. Until then, hopefully it can at least help me collect my thoughts and learn a little more about each topic I cover.

While I have many years of web development experience, I'm still relatively new to the SharePoint world, which my role at Slalom Consulting currently focuses on. As such, SharePoint development will be the primary subject of my blog. In the near-term, my posts may be boring and obvious to many of you, but more for my own training and reference. Over time I plan on becoming a true genius and posting about more advanced topics. Maybe by this time next year I'll teach you all how to build web parts in assembly language, but until then expect more concise, practical posts.

I also have a keen interest in User Experience Design, and so this will become a secondary topic. I will try to provide general information about UXD, tips for designing and implementing a great user experience, and real world examples of UX triumphs and failures.

Every now and then, I may throw in the occasional business or personal topic as well.

Regardless of a particular post's subject matter, I urge you to comment with your personal experiences, concerns, praise, or rants. All of your input will help me improve! I also encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@HollywoodHiskey) or Google+.

I look forward to getting to know and learn from all of you!


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